Adult Team Training Program

The NFA’s newest corporate training program utilizes the X-12B Triad experimental aircraft to encourage teamwork, enhance communications and develop critical thinking skills. The X-12B Triad program is scalable from four to eight hours and customizable to emphasize the skill set or sets a client chooses to emphasize.

Examples of skills a client might wish to underscore with their team include: communication, social interaction, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, leadership, creativity, time management and initiative.

The X-12B Triad is a virtual aircraft like no other. It flies at Mach 2.5, hovers like a Harrier and can drive over land. The expanded virtual capabilities of the X-12B Triad opens the aviation-based team building experience up to the widest variety of participants, regardless of skill or physical ability.

Cost per person for a four-hour X-12B program starts at $150 per person and eight-hour program starts at $250 per person. A breakfast or lunch buffet is included in the pricing for X-12B Triad Team training. The eight-hour program pricing also includes an end of day reception with light hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine. The reception can be added to a four-hour program for as little as $20 per guest.

All programs begin with Basics of Flight.
Four Hour Program: Select two options
Eight Hour Program: Select three options

Required: Basics of Flight (3.5 hr)

Description: Working in teams of four, participants will begin by flying a short familiarization flight with the X-12B Triad followed by a briefing on the basics of radar and communications skills. The teams will then divide into two units to plan and execute a series of cross-country flights.

Skills Emphasized: Teamwork, communication, problem solving, collaboration

Option #1: Eglin Airshow (2 hr)

Description: Learn to fly like the Blue Angels! Participants use skills developed during the Basics of Flight exercise to strategize and fly a multi-plane formation airshow at Eglin Air Force Base. This training drill begins with a practice airshow followed by an after-action “hot wash” to evaluate their squadron’s performance and make adjustments before their final performance at Eglin Air Force Base.

Skills Emphasized: Leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, communication, social interaction

Can be flown twice to see how much your team improves (4 hr)

Option #2: Tampa Rally Demo (2 hr)

Description: Teams will build their flight knowledge by mastering and incorporating the skills required to pilot the X-12B Triad’s advanced capabilities. These skills include supersonic flight, hovering and taxiing. The newly trained X-12B pilots will then compete in a race to determine which team(s) can complete all of the Rally objectives in the shortest time.

Skills Emphasized: Collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity

Option #3: Survival Team Exercise (45 min)

Description: Following a plane crash scenario, teams are given a list of five items that can be removed from the wreckage to assist in their survival and rescue. Participants will engage in a “life” or “death” exercise where the outcome depends upon how well they can work as a team to prioritize items for survival in a relatively unfamiliar environment. Team rankings and rationale will be compared with industry-standard advice from military survival experts to determine how the teams faired.

Skills Emphasized: Social interaction, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity,problem solving

Option #4: Search and Rescue (2 hr)

Description: After being introduced to the basic concepts behind a successful grid search, participants will be challenged to determine which type of search pattern best suits a broad ocean search and rescue effort. Additionally, X-12B pilots will work in tandem with navigational teams in the Joint Operations Center aboard the aircraft carrier Ambition to plan and develop search patterns that cover the maximum area while avoiding other aircraft and duplicating search coverage.

Skills Emphasized: Collaboration, communication, social interaction, time management

Option #5: Carrier Landing Qualification (2 hr)

Description: After becoming familiar with taking off, flying and landing the F-35 ashore, participants will experience the challenge of landing and launching their aircraft onboard AMBITION. It typically takes 2-3 years for U.S. Navy pilots to attain the skills necessary to accomplish this feat. Are you up to the challenge?

Skills Emphasized: Social interaction, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity, problem solving

Can be flown twice to see how much your team improves (4 hr)