Our flagship program blends the culture and excitement of aviation with 21st century technology and core competencies in an exclusive, entertaining and engaging immersive environment to provide a best in the world learning adventure. Students who have completed 6th grade but have not yet graduated high school live for six days in a multi-story structure.

The first deck houses the galley, mess deck, administrative spaces and the main simulator bays. The second deck comprises most of the dedicated academic spaces and contains all Simulation and Immersion Center spaces. The third and fourth decks are dedicated to berthing, student aviator lounges and activity rooms.

Students experience theme-park style thrills surrounded by advanced technology, flight simulators and virtual reality missions that ignite imagination and encourage learning. While living aboard Ambition, Ambition eXperimental Pilots (AXPs) are enveloped in life as a Naval Aviator aboard a modern aircraft carrier. Missions progressively become more challenging throughout the week as the AXPs advance their aviation science skills as well as their communication skills.

Cost for one 6-day Overnight Deployment is $1,250.
Naval Aviation Museum Foundation Member Rate is $1,125.
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