Cruises are designed for students 5th-12th grade as an introduction to the National Flight Academy’s flagship, Deployment program. For three days, students stay overnight and are exposed to a variety of concepts including Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Mathematics, Bathymetry, Physics, Basics of Flight, Ballistics and Search and Rescue fundamentals.

Through an established base of knowledge, AXPs will work in a team squadron format to collaborate and complete missions. Facilitators and chiefs challenge them to use critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, teamwork & information gathering as well as communication technology literacy and adaptability. The National Flight Academy builds heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled story line, which brings life to the mission as if the students are in a real-world scenario.

Students apply these skills by flying the high-performance X-12 Triad, the National Flight Academy’s experimental aircraft, offering them hands-on comprehension of the principles of flight thrust, hovering and target drops.

Cruises can accommodate private, public and home school organizations any time throughout the year. Our curriculum reinforces concepts covered in the classroom in a unique, immersive simulated environment.

Cost for one 3-day Overnight Cruise is $399.